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How to find your own creative style

Have you ever looked at a persons art and thought I could do that. Perhaps you thought a kindergartener could do that. 😉 I imagine we’ve all been there.

Recently, my good friend, Susan told me a story related to this. She has a pastel painting that is her very favorite. She stares at it every day as she loves it so much. The art is done in a very simple style and she thought it would be easy to duplicate.

She bought some pastels and gave it a whirl. It was not nearly as easy as she thought . Susan was truly surprised that her painting didn’t even come close to the quality and beauty of the painting she bought.

Perhaps you have a similar experience. The truth is we have no idea what goes in to making a painting or any creative endeavor when someone else does it. We just see the end result .

We don’t know what materials they used, how many layers there are to it, how much time they spent on, if it was based on a personal experience, what inspired it or what tools they used. We don’t know how many times they’ve done something similar or if they took a course on how to do this. In addition people put their heart and soul into their creative endeavors whether it’s sculptures, music, writing, business, painting, or anything else. This is their imprint so to speak and we cannot duplicate that.

Next time you think ‘I could easily do that’ perhaps you want to think again. I personally have had this experience a number of times. One example is when I looked at a multimedia series of paintings in a gallery that I really liked and went home and tried to do something similar. The result was not nearly as good or even very good at all in my opinion.

I’ve come to understand that I can be inspired by and learn from others, but still have to find my own unique style. This takes a while to develop and keeps unfolding.

To find your own unique style, ask yourself:

  • What do you find beautiful?
  • What moves you?
  • What inspires you?
  • What do you love doing?
  • What medium or tools do you love using?

Just asking these questions will help you get clarity over time. Perhaps you’ll start noticing what moves you or what you would really like to do that you haven’t done before. Maybe you’ll be inspired to take a class.

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day or even a year. It keeps unfolding. And so will your creativity if you keep persisting, moving through the challenges and celebrating the successes.

Here’s what’s new with Stacey!

I am taking classes on Color Theory and learning to paint with my non-dominant hand. I am also in occupational therapy which is painful but helping. Yesterday I started typing with both hands. That’s a woohoo!

Coming Soon!

Soon I will be offering some of my original art pieces for sale. I have never sold any of my originals online before. They are on stretched canvas and are all sizes and prices.


List of inspiring movies:

A while back, I asked people to submit a list of movies that inspire them. They won’t be posted on my new blog in the very near future.

Keep being more creative!



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