What to do with ideas that keep coming back around!

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When old ideas keep coming back around, what do you do?

Sometimes an idea keeps coming around that seems good but something about it just doesn’t work or perhaps it doesn’t feel like it’s time for this idea yet.

You could ask yourself, “how could it work“ or “what is possible here?“

After asking these questions, if a good response does not show immediately, simply let go and allow it to percolate.

All of us have the ability to be more creative than we already are. We tend to squash our creativity by continuously, looking at an idea, object, person, relationship, function, or other in a particular way, I.e., through our normal filter.

Opening to new ideas and new ways from a place of curiosity can help foster your creativity.

Over time you may find that a lot is possible if you look at ideas and more in new ways. Creativity can help our ideas and our lives get better and better.

Here’s an example from my life:

A great title for a book came to me when I was in Paris last year. The name of that book keeps coming up like it wants to be written. It’s a really great, catchy and unusual title. The title is something I could relate to personally but writing it from my personal perspective didn’t feel good or seem to work.

I kept letting go, but the title kept coming back up. Over time I got the idea to make it a mystery/thriller and even took a course on how to write one. I then realized I didn’t have the bandwidth to write that long of a book and do the other things I want to do in my life. I also found there was a similar book already written, but with a different title. I let go again.

Now I found myself missing working on this book. I was having so much fun with it, so what to do?

I’ve often thought about writing a parable. The thought came up that perhaps I could write it as a parable with a mystery twist and combine my ideas. This is the one that feels best at this time, and it could still evolve.

The title of this book doesn’t want to die and obviously I don’t want it to die either. I keep using my creativity to see what’s possible and I’m enjoying the process.

You may be wondering what the title is. Stay tuned.

I am not ready to put it out in the universe yet. It is still in the nurturing stage 👍

Apply this to your life:

  • What ideas or things keep coming around?
  • Is it time to let them go or see what else is possible from a new creative perspective?
  • There is no wrong or right here. Something really may not work for you and it’s time to let them go. This too is important.

Space art collaboration!

Above is an image of the space art that was a collaboration between my husband and myself. I call it "Mike's Planet". Prints are available for purchase to those with a US shipping address.

You can see it larger at www.artbystacey.com. Simply click on the image there and you’ll be able to see all the detail.

Inspiring Story

One of our subscribers submitted this inspiring story that I thought I would share with you:

“I walk my dog everyday, and many times we've gone to the forest. One day, I was entering the forest and I see two people coming towards me. A man and a woman. I HAD TO stop them!! As I looked at the man, I could feel my eyes go wide open and I said "You look like my grandpa! You look exactly like my grandpa!!" The funny thing is that I never met my grandpa, but there was one photograph of him and my grandma in my parents bedroom when I was a child. That was it! Well, a full conversation came out of there. Of course, I had to share my whole life before two strangers opened up to me, but it was one of the best conversations I ever had. The most valuable thing I learned that day was that these people had heat during the war in the winter from heating pine-cones that fell from the trees. It answered a big question I always had... how do people heat themselves in times of war during the winter... WOW!

So, I believe that the best inspiration is in people's stories. Not a single one has been boring and I always learn a lot from different cultures.”


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Keep being more creative!




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